feature: Command line switches, run “skype —help” for more details.
feature: —resources= to set an alternative to /usr/share/skype for resources.
feature: Add an option to Sound Devices to enable/disable automatic mixer adjustment.
feature: Allow keyboard/keypad to be used to enter DTMF numbers in call window.
feature: Clickable links in chat topics.
feature: Tooltips for emoticons in the chat window.
feature: Chat toolbar with Add People, Send File(s) to Chat, History and Leave Chat buttons.
feature: Confirmation dialog for Leave Chat button.
feature: Drag-and-drop files to chat input box to send files to chat.
feature: Drag-and-drop files to individual contacts in chat or contact list to send files.
feature: Drag-and-drop users from contact list into chat input box to send contacts.
feature: Drag-and-drop users from contact list into chat memberlist to add to chat.
feature: Dragging of contacts into other programs (text entry) will copy skype:.
feature: File transfer menu.
feature: Auto-accept file transfers.
feature: “Cleanup transfers” button.
feature: Key ‘F6’ to bring main window focus instantly to Quickfilter.
feature: Interface language choice in Options based on translation files available (restart required).
feature: “New version available” dialog.

Other changes and bug fixes are:
bugfix #SCL-194: Don’t open two call windows when pressing enter on Call Ordinary Phones.
bugfix #SCL-86: Change topic background drawing behaviour to hopefully avoid drawing issue.
bugfix: API case-insensitive command matching in UI.
bugfix: API crash when using OPEN CHAT with invalid chat name. 
bugfix: API crashing conference calls
bugfix #SPA-387: API When issuing many API Calls, DBus suddenly stops.
bugfix: Add a minimum size to Send Contacts/Create Conference/Add Chat Members window.
bugfix: Add mouse hover support for several buttons.
bugfix: Add tooltips to Play/Stop Voicemail button.
bugfix: Added a subtle background change as well as animation to emoticon selector.
bugfix: Allow searching through chat in the other direction after a failure in one direction.
bugfix: Allow smoother positive resizing to Send Contacts/Create Conference/Add Chat Members window.
bugfix: Automatically rename incoming files if they already exist.
bugfix: Avoid a situation of file transfer icon on main window being displayed when transfer window is open.
bugfix: Avoid some unpredictable/ugly event history expansion behaviour when contact list is hidden.
bugfix: Centre Send Contacts/Create Conference/Add Chat Members dialogs.
bugfix: Clicking on Send Contacts/Create Conference/Add Chat Members users shouldn’t allow you to edit their names.
bugfix: Disable ‘Animated Emoticons’ checkbox when ‘Emoticons’ checkbox is disabled.
bugfix: Disable Emoticons button in Chat Windows when Emoticons have been disabled.
bugfix: Display exact Skype name match in search as first result on initial results display.
bugfix: Don’t display Skype Name Taken error after logging out from initial signup login.
bugfix: Don’t show dialog if we already have all the received contacts on our list.
bugfix: Enable word wrapping in both Qt 4.2 (doesn’t wrap long lines) and 4.3 (wraps either words or long lines)
bugfix: Search in chat using F3/Shift-F3 no longer duplicate the same match when changing direction.
bugfix: Fix a crash on startup in some situations.
bugfix: Fix for a bug where some matches could be skipped during searching.
bugfix: Fix for pasting of foreign characters into chat input box from some places.
bugfix: Fix height of chat window toolbar buttons.
bugfix: Fix width/height of Myself Area in chat.
bugfix: Make ‘Open Receiving Directory’ work for transfer events in event history.
bugfix: Make Error dialog into Warning dialog on search failure (meaning keyboard focus is on Okay button)
bugfix: Make chat window re-appear if it was closed a second before a new incoming message arrived.
bugfix: Make multi-line ‘About Me’ (introductory) messages in user profile Windows-friendly.
bugfix: Make multi-line mood messages Windows-friendly.
bugfix: Make scrollbar always on and perform better width/height calculations in chat.
bugfix: Never delete chat history when deleting events in event history, just hide the chats.
bugfix: Never scroll-up on resizes if the scrollbar was at bottom already.
bugfix: Pressing load history while loading history crashes client.
bugfix: Put received contacts in Add column by default.
bugfix: Remove birthday from new events when ‘Remind Me Later’ is selected.
bugfix: Remove cancel button from Load History.
bugfix: Remove hard-coded accelerator keys from chat window.
bugfix: Remove one of the drag splitters from emoticons bar in chat window.
bugfix: Resize display name on main window when event history is visible.
bugfix: Stop Myself Card overlapping participants list in chats when resizing chat windows to minimal height.
bugfix: Store the chat splitter position for each chat to disk.
bugfix: Support . in Skype names for skype: URI handling.
bugfix: Support for conference calls in skype: URI handling.
bugfix: Unrecognised link should never get divided up (fdwww.smh.net example)
bugfix: Update expanded event time descriptions at midnight.
cleanup: Ability to copy data from profile fields.
cleanup: Add 1 pixel border around blue area on contact cards.
cleanup: Add a checkable display to Remind Me Later so it can be toggled on/off later.
cleanup: Add click feedback to our buttons.
cleanup: Add a faint line between multi transfers.
cleanup: Add some borders to Myself and Services frame in main contact list.
cleanup: Add spacing around change birthday button in profile editor.
cleanup: Align Avatar in Myself Area in Chat to Top.
cleanup: Change emoticons bar to match the intended design more closely.
cleanup: Chat window clean-up.
cleanup: Fix size of Privacy Button icon in Profile Editor.
cleanup: Grey Buttons With Round Corners Look Cool.
cleanup: Green Offline with Call Forwarding icon.
cleanup: Line-up default chat splitter to Myself Area height.
cleanup: Change minimum sign-in window height to 450 pixels
cleanup: More main window tooltips.
cleanup: Move Find button to Emoticons bar in chat window.
cleanup: New icon for Add/Search on bottom of main window.
cleanup: New icon for event history / contact list swapping button.
cleanup: New Skype menu icon for login screen and main window.
cleanup: Optimise event model population.
cleanup: Populate %sskype and %sname variables in Call Events.
cleanup: Possible fix for transfer window having super-long progress bar.
cleanup: Remove a cascading layout from Transfer window (hopefully fixes some width calculation issues).
cleanup: Remove border from chat history loading and send contacts faded screens.
cleanup: Transfer window tweaks.
cleanup: Use a tooltip in event history to show the full path of the file sent or received.